English (United Kingdom)
  • Woerden

    We love cheese in our country. Have you always wanted to know more about cheese and how it is made? Visit the Kaaspakhuis Woerden.

  • Utrecht

    Utrecht is a lively city with a packed agenda full of musical and cultural activities. Go to the railway museum or climb the Dom.

  • Rotterdam

    Rotterdam is known for its spectacular harbor, but with Hoek of Holland it also has a beautiful beach where you can experience a lot of things.

  • Montfoort en Oudewater

    At 4 kilometers you find the ancient cities of Montfoort and Oudewater, make a city walk or grab a nice terrace on the market.

  • Kinderdijk

    The windmills of Kinderdijk UNESCO World Heritage have kept the watch against the water for centuries. Come enjoy a thrilling and inspiring day out

  • Gouda

    Gouda is world famous for its cheese, syrup waffles, pipes and earthenware. Wander through narrow picturesque streets, discover interesting museums or stroll on over to one of the most beautiful market squares in Europe!

  • Amsterdam

    Amsterdam is only 1 hour away from Hoogenboom Logies. Take a boat trip through the canals or visit the Anne Frank house.